Rexton BiCore

BiCore is the technology platform that powers Rexton’s rechargeable hearing aids. All models provide a comfortable fit and a clear, dependable sound.

BiCore Rugged

Key Benefits:

  • Compact size and discrete design
  • Ultra-fast adaption to changing environments
  • Patented Speech Preservation Technology
  • Advanced binaural signal processing to reduce noise efficiently
  • Audio streaming directly from iOS® or Android ™ smartphone
  • Battery runtime (without streaming) up to 39 hours
  • Battery runtime (5 hours of streaming) up to 36 hours
  • Reinforced and sealed housing for extra toughness
  • ATEX certified

BiCore R 312

Key Benefits:

  • Battery runtime (without streaming) up to 89 hours
  • Battery runtime (20h of streaming) up to 72 hours
  • BiCore processing
  • Direct audio streaming from iOS and Android smartphones
  • ATEX certified

BiCore C R-Li and C R-Li T

Key Benefits:

  • Sleek hearing aid design
  • Easily connects to iPhone® and ASHA-compatible Android devices
  • Runtime of up to 28 hours without streaming and 24 hours with 5 hours of streaming on a single charge
  • BiCore C R-Li T up to 39 hours without streaming and up to 36 hours including 5 hours of streaming
  • Rexton Assist to optimize sounds and personalize how you hear
  • BiCore C R-Li T offers integrated T-Coil for use with loop systems

Hear the Rexton BiCore multi-track processing at work

How does Rexton BiCore Multi-Track Technology™ make hearing easier? By enhancing speech and environmental sounds independently, then re-combining them, to ensure speech is clear even in noisy environments.

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