Rexton Reach

Multi-Voice Focus makes sure every voice is heard

When multiple people are involved in a conversation, voices drop in and out, and move around. Until now hearing aid users have struggled to catch every word. Rexton Reach, with Multi-Voice Focus, helps make sure every voice is heard. Multi-Voice Focus scans the surrounding environment 1000 times a second with 4 focus beams and adapts automatically to changes in speaker positions and volumes.

Reach R-Li T

The rechargeable receiver-in-canal hearing aid helps make sure every voice in the conversation is clear and recognizable.

  • Multi-Voice Focus technology
  • Includes telecoil
  • Direct audio streaming from iOS and Android smartphones
  • Battery runtime of up to 34 hours with 5 hours of streaming
  • 4-hour standard charge time or 30-min fast charge
  • Available in 4 colors
  • ATEX certified
photo of Reach R Li travel charger

Smartphone connectivity keeps everyone within reach

Reach has MFi and ASHA protocols, so it connects seamlessly with iPhones and Android smartphones for effortless calls and media streaming. It’s also future proof and will require only a simple firmware update to connect via Bluetooth® LE Audio.

man wearing Rexton Reach R-Li smiling and speaking into his smartphone

Rexton Reach Technology Demonstration

In this video you can check how the Multi-Voice Focus from Rexton Reach works in a noisy situation with multiple speakers. Please wear headphones for a better experience.

Comprehensive hearing aid control right from your phone

Download the Rexton hearing aid App for your iPhone or Android. From inside the app, you can adjust everything from volume to choosing between different hearing settings your provider has created for you and can get real time support from your HCP or Rexton Assist, our intelligent online support system — all without needing to book an appointment.

screenshot of Rexton app

What does it mean to have bluetooth in hearing aids?

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