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What’s new for Connexx 9.11

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Multi-Voice FocusVoice StabilizerSound Pro 3.0Bluetooth LE Audio

Multi-Voice Focus

For hearing aid wearers, conversations with background noise are a serious challenge. Things get even more complicated when several people are involved as normal hearing aids operate on a line-of-sight principle. Rexton Reach is now introducing Multi-Voice Focus with 4 focus beams that constantly scan the surrounding environment 1000 times a second, allowing it to focus on multiple speakers at the same time. It constantly adapts to the changing dynamics of the conversation by boosting the prominence of those in the group who are speaking while even reducing background noise.

Multi Focus Icon

How does Multi-Voice Focus work?

  1. Detects and tracks multiple voices in 180° — 1,000 times per second.
  2. Activates new types of beams that locates speakers and follows them as they move.
  3. Separates target speech from background noise to process them separately.

Multi Voice Focus Diagram

Voice Stabilizer

Voice Stabilizer controls the compression to ensure all voices within the focus beam are amplified in the best linear ways when the sound gets too loud. It allows for more aggressive compression of the noise and more linear processing of speech to ensure a strong contrast between speech and noise. Benefit: voices remain untouched while surrounding noise is managed.

Voice Stabilizer Icon

How does Voice Stabilizer work?

When background noise gets louder Speech to Noise Ratio is compromised.

Voice Stabilizer controls the compression knee points to secure that all voices within the focus beam are amplified in the best linear ways.

The separate processing of speech (in different beams/streams) and noise allows for more aggressive compression of the noise and more linear (and stable) processing of the speech – ensuring a strong contrast between speech and noise.

SoundPro 3.0

SoundPro 3.0 automatically steers all sound processing features, including the new Multi-Voice Focus* inputs, based on the analysis of the acoustic scene. When changing the strategy to Natural Focus or Speech Focus, the recommended balance of features is modified. The Balanced Focus is recommended for enhanced automatic performance.


How does SoundPro 3.0 work?

Traditional hearing aids classify listening environments into a limited number of situations because they are  based on modulation and intensity of signal.

Multi-Voice Focus adds a new layer of reliable processing. SoundPro 3.0 is now automatically steering all the sound processing including localization of active talkers and their proximity, number of conversation partners, turn taking and timing.

And this whole analysis has, in parallel, a very robust binaural wireless link transmitting those processing info from one HA to another, to assure precise synchronizing.

Bluetooth LE Audio

The new Reach platform is ready for Bluetooth LE Audio – the next generation of Bluetooth Connectivity. It is especially relevant to the latest Android devices allowing headset mode and tap control (phone streams to hearing aids and hearing aid microphone streams back to phone; user can accept / terminate call on hearing aids) with very low power consumption. This feature will be made available via firmware update in the near future.

Bluetooth LE Audio

chart of compatible MFi, ASHA, and LE Audio comparisons